Common Stage

(Michel barengo(CH),Yusuke Mori)

Michel Barengo is a composer, drummer and sound artist for all media and concertante music. He has composed the soundtracks for numerous video games, movies and theater projects and his music is used by HBO, NBC, Disney Research Lab, Warner/Chappell , Porsche, EMI Production Music and others. In 2016, he was awarded the Foundation SUISA Price for best music in a video game. For indulging his passion for experimental music he composes and performs live on stage in Europe and Asia in a number of projects like the jazzcore trio Platypus or the 2016 founded grind noise band Five Pound Pocket Universe featuring Mitsuru Nasuno and Sou Inomoto from Tokyo. In autumn 2017 he is touring through Japan with the performance series „Common Stage“ in which he collaborates with different musicians and dance performers from Japan such as Nasuno Mitsuru, Ryoko Ono, Nonoko Sato, Go Tsushima, DJ Memai and others. Stage) Pound Pocket Universe)

SAWADA + Yawning

Lorenzo Balloni

Keikichi Kimishima

DATE : 2017/09/24_SUN 17:30


CHARGE : ¥1,000 - + 1DRINK